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Perfumed Spray


Sugar and Spite perfumed spray is a light, sprayable fragrance mist for home or body.

Presented in a cobalt blue 2oz PET bottle with black sprayer top.

This product WILL separate. It's completely normal. Give it a shake before using and you'll be good as gold! Some perfumes will turn a beautiful milky white, and some will remain clear. Also, perfectly normal!

Ingredients: Water, polysorbate 20, proprietary fragrance blend, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol

Bitten and Smitten: A sweet triple berry scone drizzled with spoonfuls of London lemon curd.

Circus Schmircus: Step right up! Great big tufts of cotton candy, warm funnel cake, and ooey gooey salt water taffy.

Bella’s Birthday Cake: Named for my sweet daughter. A huge slice of birthday cake with tart raspberry filling and marshmallow fluff.

The Chilly Biscuit : Danish butter cookies dotted with mint, dipped in fresh cream.

Upside Down: Spiced, glazed doughnuts, a tiny shmear of icing and sweet Hawaiian pineapple rings.

Mad Mad World: Warm apple butter swirled with caramel and ribbons of strawberry jam.


I'm a Georgia - lemon cake pop, sweet violet and coconut cream

I'm a Karen - creamsicle, spiced red tea, milk and sandalwood

Glorious Mustache - Lavender cotton candy

Murderino - Kentucky bourbon, egyptian musk, tobacco, vanilla cake

Elvis Want a cookie? - pumpkin pecan waffles, sugared donut and toasted marshmallow


1891 - Bay rum, sandalwood, cedar, amber and clove

Agatha- Delicate lilacs, sweet cream and mahogany wood.

Apple Sugar - Delicious, juicy apples and a heaping spoonful of pure sugar. Wonderfully sweet, yet somehow all grown up.

Arsenic and Tea Cakes - Fluffy white cake, dressed with candied oranges and tiny almond slivers, a steaming cup of tea, and something sinister lurking beneath.

Athena - Dark vanilla, patchouli, pepper, ivy, sea spray

Barnum - Curiously sweet and dark. Tobacco leaf, a trio of rich musks, new mown hay, and a drizzle of creamy vanilla bourbon.

The Bee Queen - rich honey, horchata, sticky beeswax, and woodsmoke

Brewster - Vanilla, violet cookies, and coconut shreds

Chimera - blue sugar, patchouli, driftwood, benzoin, ebony wood.

Doppleganger - dragon's blood resin, red patchouli, and marshmallow cream

GO TO SLEEP LITTLE CREEP - True story -- my mom used to sing this to me as a kid. She thought it was hilarious. Who knew one day I'd think it was hilarious, too. Egyptian musk, peppermint, lavender and pink sugar will lull you into dreamland...... unless you start thinking about that one time you were super awkward when......shhhhhh....go to sleep.

Gorgon - Incense, egyptian musk, cinnamon leaf, mushroom

Grim Bastard - vanilla, sandalwood, black patchouli and leather

Forever as Now - Lavender, Tonka, French vanilla, sandalwood, Egyptian musk

Histoire du Professeur - Leather arm chair, starched white cotton shirt, dusty books, a memory of sweet pipe smoke and a faint whiff of brandy kept hidden in a desk drawer.

Histoire du Secretaire - mile-high leather pumps, skin tight wool pencil skirt, stacks of filing paper,steaming black coffee, a mahogany desk and a hint of musky perfume.

Horseman - Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense, and the edge of a dark Autumn wood.

Insomnia - Oud, Black Pepper, beeswax, dragon's blood, light and dark patchouli, benzoin resin

Kalopsia - Raw, sweet honey, amber syrup, ancient spices, and black tea leaves.

Little Drop of Poison - sugar syrup, sweet cream, clove, amber, wormwood and oleander (perfume only)

Loud Like Love - Sweet sugar milk with hints of brown butter, coumarin, charred wood, sandalwood, and balsam

Mathilda - a perfectly perfect marriage of juicy red apple, hay, sweet figs, and skin musk.

Meadow - Fields of green, green grass, and a hint of sweet soil.

Milk and Sandalwood - The perfect balance between the innocent whiteness of creamy milk, darkened by earthy sandalwood

Murder of Crows - Dirty black feathers, ozone, dry tobacco, chimney smoke, black agar, vanilla pods (perfume only)

Natural Witch (REFORMULATED) - black fig, vanilla, white musk and blackberry

Nocturne - Black Tea, Vanilla, Spice Cookie, Oakmoss, Cedar, Sandalwood

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir - earl grey tea, vanilla, wood and smoke

Poppies in October - Poppies, amber, vanilla, skin musk, bright berries, and clove

Priestess, not Princess - dragon's blood, clove, black licorice, patchouli, incense, oakwood, charred resin (perfume only)

Pumpkin Tabac - spiced pumpkin and sweet tobacco

RED ROCKET - No, not THAT Red Rocket. Sheesh. This one smells like citrus, cucumber, pineapple, and champagne. Ooh la la.

Sister Witch - a steamy cup of earl grey tea, wee lavender buds, and sweet milk

Skullflower - heady florals, cotton candy, sugar, vanilla ice cream, coriander, anise and patchouli

Strangefellow - tonka, amber, musk and pepper, with a sugar cookie base

Tea With Beasts - Black, red and green teas, dusty spices, cardamom pods, sandalwood and red musk

Tell it to the Moon - Precious woods, cashmere vanilla, resin, spice, and a swirl of bright mandarin.

We are the Weirdos, Mister - vanilla-spiced milky tea, tobacco, and black currants

WIZARD OF ODD - A mixed-up, everlovin' gobstobber of goodness....@!%&* MAGICAL. Grapefruit, peach, mango, jelly beans, and freshly cut grass... MADNESS!!!

Wood and Cotton - Great big tufts of clean cotton and a base of beautiful, precious wood.

The Whispering Woods - Crunchy leaves, damp soil, Incense smoke, a bitter snap of clove, and caramelized brown sugar