Sugar and Spite



U.S. Shipping:
All items weighing under 16 oz. are shipped via USPS First Class (domestic or international); over 16 oz. USPS Priority.
My current turnaround time is 2-10 business days. Does not include weekends or postal holidays falling on business days, which may delay your shipment. Turnaround time varies depending on sales, promotions or holidays happening at the moment. Holidays will usually be extra time because of the amount of orders involved (ESPECIALLY HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS) During holidays, TAT may be up to 16 business days. Stated TAT does not apply to pre-orders.  If you need something sooner, please contact me and I will TRY to accommodate you.

NO refunds. Orders go into the queue immediately after they are submitted. This requires time and materials, and I CANNOT refund once your order is placed. If you have any doubts, please reconsider. It will save an uncomfortable conversation.

I calculate the shipping cost for the country of destination prior to you ordering.
Overages (if any) are always happily refunded.

Please be aware that I cannot be aware of every countries' duty/tax/customs policies. Therefore, you, as the buyer, are responsible for your own country's' duty & import tax.

Most items weighing under 16 oz. are shipped via USPS First Class. Other shipping arrangements, priority mail, insurance, etc. may be made for an additional fee. Please contact me with your location for rates. Tracking is provided free with all orders but only follows the package to the US border. If you are not within the US border, there's no way for the USPS to track your package once it leaves the US. Sorry!

Refunds: No refunds or replacements for items lost in the mail or confiscated in customs. A tracking number will be issued to you along with shipping confirmation.

Customs - Gift vs. Merchandise: I will not (ever) illegally state an item as a "gift". If it is not a gift *from me* to the recipient, it is considered merchandise. Period.

All orders are shipped to the address given, unless you provide other instructions.
No returns, replacements, or refunds on any order sent to an incorrect address unless it's my fault - or your order is returned to me by the post office.


I made a mistake on on my order, changed my mind, forgot my scent choices, etc. I messaged you on Facebook and never heard back.

I cannot be responsible for messages sent to me on Facebook, *especially* to my personal account. Please, ALWAYS use the customer service email: sugarandspitebathery@gmail.com

Will you ship as a gift to my friend, mother, etc? Is there an extra charge for that?

I absolutely WILL, and there is NO charge for it.

Do you do custom scent blends?

At this time, I do not. Sorry.

I placed an order, and then I had car trouble, my cat got sick, I forgot I was out of laundry detergent, etc. Will you refund my money?

I'm sorry, but there are NO REFUNDS after an order is placed. Please refer to the refund section in the policies above.

I bought a perfume and I don't like it. Can I exchange or get a refund?

Due to the nature of skin products, I can never (ever) refund or exchange.

Do you offer samples?

I'm sorry, but at this time, I do not. I found they were too time consuming, and were slowing down my TAT drastically.

Where can I find Sugar and Spite on the web?

Shop: www.sugarandspite.net

Facebook Group (the funnest thing ever) http://www.facebook.com/groups/sugarandspite

Blog: www.sugarandspitebathery.blogspot.com
Facebook: facebook.com/sugarnspite
Twitter: @sugarspite
Instagram: @sugarspite